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New York Tri-State International Film Festival

In 2009, Armin Ebrahimi made his first short film, titled "The Chasing" which was selected for the 15th edition of the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh. This film led to the festival commissioning him to make a short film about Bangladesh, resulting in the film "Late Autumn," which was screened at the next edition of the Dhaka International Film Festival. Shortly after that, Armin directed the film "Sahra's Daughter" in Iran, which was accepted at the FRESKO International Film Festival in Armenia and received the Peace Award. This led to the FRESKO Festival inviting Armin as one of the jury members for its 2020 edition. During this time (around mid-2019), Armin decided to establish a film festival dedicated to short films. This festival, called the New York Tri-State Film Festival, is now three years old and, although its main office is located in New York, it has many collaborators and supporters in Europe. With years of experience in providing a platform for short films and indie projects,, the New York Tri-state Film Festival is ready to take bigger steps.

New York Tri-State International Film Festival is a relatively young film festival (held 'monthly') based in New York that strives to create an opportunity for emerging filmmakers. This film festival was founded by the Iranian filmmaker Armin Ebrahimi (Co-founded by Pegah Tarkhooni).

Armin studied Graphics and film directing in Tehran. At the age of 19, he began his professional career as a film critic, writing cinema-related articles for some of the most prestigious newspapers and magazines in Iran; Magazines like ''Film Magazine'' and newspapers like Shargh Daily, Etemaad Newspaper, and Tehran Today. He soon became a member of Bandar-e-anzali's branch of ''Iranian Youth Cinema Society'', and currently runs the weekly film programs there and acts as the primary film critic.

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