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7 years art from Berlin "BrückenKunst" - Directed by Gilbert Brüning

Name of Artists of the group: Amanda Sabine Strauch, Anna Reich, Christine Meyer, Gilbert Brüning, Junggeun Oh, Lilo Schlösser, Miyeon Lee, Sebastian Clemens, Sehyeon Oh, Sunhee Jung,

Sunhee Yoon, Wolfgang Holst, Yehlin Lee, Yoonjung Cho


And it still exists! “BrückenKunst“ is an association of artists from many different countries in Berlin and organizes painting exhibitions every year at the Island Bridge at the Historical Port of Berlin, in Demmin and in Rüdersdorf. For the 2th time, the Korean-German team is creating an exhibition in the Museum Park in Rüdersdorf. An extraordinary cultural landscape very close to Berlin.

Brücken-Kunst 2019 – Summary

"Period, comma, line, the moon face is ready."

Classic, of course. German art education in a nutshell.

So much for the roots of our very own artistic development.

This year's motto of Brücken-Kunst 2019 goes well with this. "Point and line to the surface".

Who invented it? None other than the great Kandinsky!

Ingenious and simple to the point.

I quote Kandinsky in 1926:

“The point is the original element, the fertilization of the empty surface. The horizontal is a cold, supporting base, silent and black. The vertical is active, warm, white. The free lines are flexible, blue and yellow. The surface itself is heavy at the bottom, light at the top, left as far away, right like a house. Artistic reasoning on an artistic basis.

In the anniversary year "100 years of Bauhaus" follows our own interpretation,

Our interpretation of the BrückenKunst. Quasi Kandinsky light.

The area The base. The origin

The circle The circle of life

The straight the way

The point This now, today, here.

Welcome! Let yourself be surprised.

Director Biography

Gilbert Brüning

I was born on 13.10.1973 in Berlin-Kaulsdorf. My father was a pastor in the village church in Berlin-Kaulsdorf. My mother worked for years as an artist for the church community of Berlin-Kaulsdorf. She designed posters for the parish. In 1995 I graduated from Max-Reinhardt Gymnasium in Berlin-Hellersdorf. In the same year I began my studies in cultural studies at the University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder.

From 1998-99 I studied political science at the Jagiellonen University in Krakow. From 1999-2000 communication sciences at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2003 I graduated from Viadrina with a degree in cultural studies. From 2003-2004 I travelled through Southeast Asia. Many of my artistic inspirations have been inspired by these important foreign experiences.


Golden Palm Award 2009 beim Internationalen Filmfestival in Mexiko

Honorable Mention Award 2009/2010 Reel Film Festival Los Angeles/USA

Festival de Cannes KurzFilmEcke 2011/2012/2014/2015/2017 Frankreich

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2011/2012 Frankreich

Lucerne International Filmfestival 2011/2014 Schweiz

International Filmfestival in Dhaka 2012 Bangladesch

South Film & Arts Academy Festival Chile 2021

Roma Short Film Festival 2021

New Wave Short Film Festival München 2021

Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival 2021

ARFF Berlin Around International Film Festival Berlin 2021

European Cinematography Awards (ECA) Amsterdam 2021

Milan International Virtual Film Festival 2021 Madrid Film Awards 2021 - Finalist

Clermont Ferrand Filmfestival Frankreich 2021

New York Tri-State International Film Festival 2021

Best Istanbul Film Festival 2021 - Winner

Seoul International Short Film Festival 2021- Winner

Stockholm City Film Festival 2021

Kosice International Monthly Film Festival 2021

Munich Music Awards 2021

Tokyo International Short Film Festival 2021

Sweden Film Awards 2021

Continental Film Festival New York 2021

BIFF Sweden Boden International Film Festival 2021

Focus International Film Festival 2021

Berlin Indie Film Festival 2021

Fullshot Cine MAG 2021

International Film Festival of New York 2021

Osaka International Film Festival 2021

Director's Statement

My first intention with the film was to show how incredibly difficult it is to achieve real recognition as an artist in our world.


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