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June 10, 2024

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June 15, 2024
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June 18 to 21, 2024
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One Of These Days


Clayton Henderson graduated from Smackover High School in May of 2021. Clayton is working on several internships with filmmakers in Shreveport, LA and is hoping to travel in the next year to work on his writing. His first short, which he filmed at the age of 16, screened at several film festivals including the 2020 Made in AR Festival and the ElDorado Film Festival. It received Best Family Film and Directors Choice Best Student Film at the 2020 Sunny Side Up Film Festival.


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Where Do We Go From Here

Having written and directed my first short film, “Only for the night,” in 2019, which has been accepted into the Outfest 2021 film festival, was such a high accomplishment for me as a new filmmaker who has not had the privilege of attending film school. It has shown me that passion and dedication can take a person anywhere their heart desires, regardless of limitations. As a queer person of color, I find importance in spotlighting the multitude of stories that give perspective to those who are unaware of the experiences of sexual, ethnic, and gender minorities. I want more from the cinema today than what I’ve been given. And I plan to be a part of a new generation of creatives who tell stories that speak to and reflect the experiences of individuals who are deprived of the opportunity to feel represented on screen authentically.


New York Tri-State International Film Festival is a relatively young film festival based in New York that strives to create an opportunity for emerging filmmakers. Our goal is to be a platform for low budget independent films that tend to create unique narratives and explore social, political and/or psychological themes and topics. Our festival is a platform for emerging filmmakers, actors, cinematographers, editors and producers all around the world to present their films and to be recognized for their talent and have their films seen globally. It is important for us to play our part in the emergence of new talents in the world of cinema, and, as a result, we consider our festival as a nodal point where the exchanges of perspectives and ideas are made possible.



Ned Farr's feature films include, THE AERIALIST, released in the teeth of the pandemic May 2020 (fun!), A MARINE STORY, winner of 20 film festival awards as well as two screenwriting nods, and THE GYMNAST which won 28 awards, including 16 for Best Picture. Farr's screenplay COASTLINE finished in the top ten of Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest, and his TV pilot TIN KICKERS won the ISA Fellowship in 2018. Farr also created the workouts and infomercials for Tony Horton’s P90X fitness program.


Happy Ending

Akira Iwamatsu started making movies in high school. For a time, he stopped making films and devoted himself to writing film criticism. His homepage with his film criticism has been well received and has been featured in numerous magazines and radio shows. In 2006, he formed the film production group M.I.F. (Mikawa Independent movie Factory). At M.I.F., while continuing its activities with the aim of producing films that are competitive with central cities in rural areas, it has also planned and operated film festivals. In 2008, he launched "Mikawa Movie", which is active mainly in the Mikawa area of Aichi Prefecture, and produced the movies "Happy Ending" and "Ben-Joe".


Ailin On the Moon


Work, do the shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing, taking care of Ailín: that is the routine of Vilma, mother of 40 years, overwhelmed by fatigue and skin intolerance. Ailín (4), just looking to play and demand the attention of a restless girl, one day causes the emotional outbreak of the mother. The routine that led them away must be broken to meet again.

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