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FIRST - Directed by Isao Furugori


Leaders around the world are fond of “X First” slogans.

But who really comes first when it’s time to make a decision?


There are many small towns in Japan in difficult financial situations.

Faced with an urgent need to rebuild their economy, Kiryu is the perfect example.

A hero appears from Tokyo to solve the crisis.

But all is not as it seems, and our hero faces powerful opposition among the people he is trying to help. Who is really pulling the strings?


Behind every meeting in Japan, there is an underbelly of “unspoken agreements.”

About an hour by car from Tokyo, there is a little town called Kiryu.

Our hero, a man who once made advertisements for a living, is hired by Kiryu for the skills a man of his background possesses.

“Will you come up with a plan to revive the town?”

The man conducts a local investigation, identifies problem points, and comes up with a solution.

A plan is constructed, and at last, it is the day of the first tentative plan presentation.

In the Japanese business world, the fact is that success or failure in a presentation is often determined ahead of time,

by “laying the necessary groundwork.”

Despite a meeting’s importance, often the actual decision-makers themselves are not in attendance.

When matters outside the limited scope of the story come up, meetings often end with “we’ll have to sleep on it and reconsider.”

Generally in Japanese business, decision-making is avoided at the actual meeting.

Is it possible for our man to weather the storm of this risk-averse Japanese presentation culture and achieve success?

A former AD man with a plan Takuya Fujisaki

Ailing shopping district chairman Shigeru Nakane

Understaffed nursing home representative Kaori Inoue

Understaffed nursery school teachers Yoko Kakegawa Miyu Kanda

Housewife and mom with parents in need of care Rena (ex.Vanilla Beans)

A long-established restaurant owner Risa Itoi

Local high school girl with chairman's daughter Aoi Sato

Worried municipal hospital manager Noriko Iwasaki

Carefree municipal hospital president Keiji Miyazaki

Timid city hall manager Daisuke Miyachi

Loyal deputy mayor Satoru Kamata

Clueless top brass Kenichi Tamai

Shinshuku Girls、 Numataya Boys、Eikun People in Kiryu City

Isao Furugori


Planning, Screenplay, Direction, Editing, MA, Promotion: Isao Furugori

Based in Tokyo, mainly involved in planning, directing, and editing commercials.

Past clients include Sony, Toyota, P&G, Honda, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Nestle… With a record that includes numerous car commercials, I’m also a bit of a grease monkey and used to own a Mazda FC3S with circuit specs. Majored in Business Administration at Yokohama National University, where I studied conflicts caused by the progress of structured society. The short film “First” is my film directing debut.


Producer/Masakatsu Kasai Satoshi Oshima Daiji Yoshida Kiryu JC Nobumichi Asai

Production Manager/Takeshi Shimojo Moe Nishino

Assistant Director/Hirobumi Ichihara

Director of Photography/Ryuji Sanui Sakiko Shimizu

Assistant Cam/Shu Hagiwara Yoshihiro Okayama

Stylist/Sachiyo Yokomizo

Hair Makeup/Yuka Fujigaki

Sound/Ryuji Sanagi

Music/Joji Kano

Car Driver/Masaki Nimura Tetsuki Oka

Translation/Cooper.A Naganihhi Hiroyo Ota Andrew Houston

Director Screenplay Advertising/Isao Furugori

Award history

The Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival

Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival

Reale film festival

Montreal Independent Film Festival

Venice Shorts


Flixze Film Festival

Chicago Indie Film Awards

New Wave Short Film Festival

New York Tri-State International Film Festival

Screen Power Film Festival

Royal Wolf Film Awards

Roma Short Film Festival

Tokyo International Short Film Festival

New Wave Short Film Festival

GIMFA - Gralha International Monthly Film Awards- Best Short Film Director

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles

Seoul International Short Film Festival

4th Dimension Independent Film Festival

New Year Film Festival

Paris International Short Festival

Indian Indie Awards

Berlin Shorts Award

The Gladiator Film Festival

BIMIFF - Brazil International Monthly Independent Film Festival

Garoa Awards - Monthly Short Film Festival of São Paulo


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