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NYTSIFF Winners - January 2024


Directors Angie Lynch, Corey Burkes

in Best Trailer

Shapes of Aether

Director Elias Benedikt Choi-Buttinger

in Best Dance Film

On the wings of a dream

Director Raffaella Porcelli De Lucia

in Best Silent Film


Director Marcus Rosendoll

in Best Human Rights Film


Director Yegor Bugayenko

in Debut Films


Director Karlos Kuan

in Actress

Stone Soup

Director Nikita Belomestnykh

in Best Actor

Infinite Women

Director María Claudia Mejía, directora general

in Best COVID-19 Film

You're On Your Own, Kid

Director Michael Matsui

in Best Horror

Undefeated: The Story of Andre Cailloux

Writer Dane Moreton

in Best Feature (Long) Script

The Season of the Witch

Writer Elle Phillips

in Best Short Script


Director Mattia Vuono

in Best Micro Film

Deluge Day

Director Marc Linnhoff

in Best Song

The Baby Bubble

Submitter Ivan Marković

in Student Films


Directors Gianni Salamone, Marzio Benelli

in Music Video


Directors Marcus Witte, Nupelda Ciftci

in Experimental Short

Underneath the Bodies

Directors Peach Rosemary, Erin Montoya, Garrett Noone

in Female Empowerment

Man in a Can

Director Henk Pringels

in Animations


Director Nikolas Meyberg

in Documentary Short

The Whistler

Director Ollie Burden

in Narrative Short

Reading Landscape with David Holmgren

Director Dave Meagher

in Documentary Feature

Terry in Trumpland

Director Paul Kattupalli

in Narrative Feature (Main Competition)


Directed by Sophia Emmett, Theo Shorrocks

in Best Poster

Molly Schikosky, Katie Tupper

Best Female Directors

For Comfort


Directed by Sebastian Bechtel

in Best Cinematography


Directed by Federico Emilio Cornacchia

in Best Editing

Marks of Cain

Directed by Veronica Hein

in Best Drama

Chris Sato, Peter Lambrinatos

in Best Director

For I Matter

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