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SLA - Written by Rebecca Christie

A successful Owner of an Authentic European Wine Boutique was enjoying the fruits of her labor until she realized she wasn't alone in ownership. The State Liquor Authority not only owned her store but her soul.

  • Project Type: Screenplay

  • Genres: Thriller

  • Number of Pages: 113

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Language: English

Writer Biography

Rebecca Christie

I have been in acting since 13 in theater and now currently have had opportunities in TV episodes( both USA and Canada.) and in film . I do standup and produce shows throughout the Northeast for 7 years now. I have performed with all paid sold-out shows. I love the art of the story and now want to submit my first screenplay SLA

I am an entrepreneur who is always willing to learn and grow.

I owned an exclusive European Wine Boutique that was very successful for approximately 9 years. I have also owned a wine tour company and a machine shop. I would like to shine as an accomplished storyteller for the film (screenplay) and a successful actress. I can direct this film...because it happened to me.

Writer Statement This screenplay SLA is especially compelling. 75% of this happened to me while I had my wine store. Its believable because it's true. However, the fictional portions are thrilling because it's relative to today's world. I would like to be able to act in this as well as have a hand in directing.


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