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No Way Back - Directed by Laurin Kockwelp

One year ago, a young boy got into an argument with his best friend and pushed him from a cliff at the Baltic Sea. Now he hides in a bunker and suffers from his fateful deed. He can't go back to his normal life.

Cast and Crew:

  • Laurin Kockwelp Director

  • Laurin Kockwelp Writer

  • Frank Ryssel Producer

  • Laurin Kockwelp Producer

  • Alexander Albrecht Key Cast - “Tom Wolters”

  • Laurin Kockwelp Key Cast - “Till Brönner”

  • Frank Ryssel Key Cast - “Radio Speaker”

  • Naomi Bockemühl DOP and Editor

  • Lena Pohl Production Design

  • Daniel Tavares de Oliveira Gaffer

  • Title (Original Language): Kein Weg zurück

  • Runtime: 6 minutes

  • Completion Date: January 19, 2021

  • Country of Origin: Germany

  • Language: German

  • Shooting Format: Digital 4K

  • Aspect Ratio: cinemascope

Director Statement - Laurin Kockwelp:

"No way back", is my first short film. I always dreamed about making my own movies. "No way back" was a fantastic short film to start with. When we shot "No way back" the whole crew worked at a Baltic Sea-TV-movie production at the same time, so we had to film our movie during the weekend. We grabbed as much equipment as we could find and shot the whole footage in two days. Being supported by colleagues of the other set helped a lot. They provided camera, boom, and lightning gear from the official production. In the end we only spent about 100€ for the entire production. "No way back" is a short film that has a very deep and sad ending. There is no way back to a normal life for Tom, who had pushed his best friend off a cliff. He did not mean to kill him and the consequence is that he finds himself stuck in feelings of guilt and anger. He wished it had never happened. In order to deal with his feelings he pretends day to day that his friend is still with him. Naomi did an amazing job by doing all the camera work on her own. Her taken pictures illustrate this lost feeling so well. We combined the beauty of nature, which is seen at the beginning and the end, with the dark and depressive bunker, where Tom hides. As a result, the viewer realizes, that the protagonist is captivated in this god damned place for what he did.

1 Comment

Kharina Salazar
Kharina Salazar
May 11, 2021

Amazing... what an impact... the shots are very powerful and captivating... very good story...

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